About Us...

Minimus Box is the subscription site that houses the subscription concepts coming out of the offices and warehouses of Minimus.biz , the largest online superstore of mini products -- with over 2500 in stock!


The Minimus.biz Story...

Minimus began when we (the Shrater family) were on a vacation to a cottage in New Hampshire. When we realized we would need to throw away several bottles of condiments at the end of our trip, we thought, "wouldn't it be great if there was one place you could go for the small packets of condiments -- better yet, a place to get all of your travel accessories and travel size item needs?" Sure you can go to your local grocery store or pharmacy for some of the items, but they don't always have the best selection. What if you've always used Colgate, and all they have is Crest? Would you really want to drive all over town to cobble together items for your trip? Thus, Minimus.biz was born.

Since that initial idea, we've grown to include a variety of categories of travel size and trial size items. Many of the items are not available for retail sale anywhere else. Our offerings continue to grow with the help of our customers' input. To be better in touch with our customers, we've setup a blog (online journal) on the site where there are interesting stories about our products, coupon codes, or stories and photos submitted from our customers.

We are located in warehouse and office facilities in the Los Angeles area totaling 36,000+ sq. ft. Apart from the retail website business, we also work with many major corporations, non-profits, and international exports with special wholesale pricing and fulfillment. We also offer wholesale pricing for our regular customers who want to order in larger quantities by the case.

In 2016, after much interest from customers, we launched this site, MinimusBox in order to provide subscription products to customers interested in different subscription products -- and there are more to come!

Coming soon...

Secret Box Concept 1

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Secret Box Concept 2

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Secret Box Concept 3

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